Friday, 27 March 2015

Why I started watching cricket again!

I was very young when this happened. Ajay Jadeja and M Azharuddin were allegedly involved in match-fixing. I didn't believe it. How can the Indian cricket team get involved in what can only be described as betrayal? I refused to believe it.

Me and my uncle used to watch cricket with great zest! I still remember a match in which Javagal Srinath took 2 wickets in one of his initial overs. I was having lunch when this happened and I jumped over my dining table, twice. I had memorized names of all the players. Well, not only India but also Kenya!

So, when I discovered the match-fixing scandal, I was devastated. I stopped watching all forms of cricket. I must have missed many of Sachin's innings which would have been memorable for many fans.

Eventually, the 2003 world cup tournament started. It was difficult for me to start watching team India play. But, I followed the Indian team till they reached the Ausis in finals. It was happening again! I saw the finals with my Uncle who used to jump with me at every wicket's fall. We lost the finals. But, I was again a great fan of the Indian Cricket team.

Enter IPL. Indian cricketers wearing bright colors and playing against each other was not a very pleasing sight for me. I was not willing to see Harbhajan bowling to Sachin Tendulkar. But, eventually, I started following IPL and supported Mumbai Indians.

In 2011, India won the world cup. I was elated! I was in Mumbai where the finals were organized. I was staying in Malad and watching the match on our hotel's TV with friends. When India won, we rushed to the street only to discover thousands of people going crazy. I have never seen such euphoria! That night, I couldn't sleep due to the overwhelming joy!

I was a fanatic fan by now. But, in 2013, the IPL match-fixing scam surfaced. I hated Shrisanth for that. When the scam was unearthed, I was in Mcleodganj staying with the monks. I decided to again stop watching cricket.

Cut to enter in 2015. India wins 7 consecutive matches. I didn't see the first 3 matches. But, I started watching from the 4th match on-wards. By the time we reached the semi-finals, I was again a fanatic cricket fan.

India lost the semi-finals. But, I saw the match ball by ball. If nothing else, I have now started watching cricket again. I swear if one more match fixing scandal is discovered. I will never see cricket again. However, I have said the same twice before. 

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