Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Life in a metro

Mumbai. The city which never sleeps. I always wanted to be a part of the metro and get a closer look at how the city never sleeps.
Interning in one of the most reputed German company has its own advantages. But one outstanding advantage is that I am again a morning person now. Yes. 6:30 is the time at which I am supposed to wake up to reach the office at 8:30 am. The office hours last till 5:20 pm and at 7:00 pm, I am chilling at home.
There cannot be two minds when said that Mumbai is the cheapest city in terms of public transport. Which city in the country has such a public transport that the number of kilometers traveled surpasses the ticket fare? Being a marketing oriented guy, my main aim for the summer internship was to experience the city as closely as possible. There are also a couple of hidden intentions, but this might not be the right platform to mention those (I feel like a secret agent while saying this). The project I am working on will provide me great learning if I want to learn. When choosing this company over the other two offers that I had, I was playing a gamble. Till now, the gamble has paid off well.
Hope that life has much more hidden in the closet of future.
Signing off. . .

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Home, Sweet Home

After 6 months of long distance relationship, one week of stay at Home gives immense pleasure. You have an option of choosing between breakfast and lunch when you get up at 12 pm. What else in life do you want when your family thinks that my son will crack the best company on earth for placements and hence will do whatever you want them to.
The most loved TV series by the family is now replaced by English random movies. You try hard to know what the hell is going on in the movie but failure is not the key to success here. Skipping all the channels offering daily soaps, the TV remote only gets some rest when a channel appears with a Govinda film. Yes, you need someone to laugh at !! Foolish roles played by legendary actors can make your day. Take a tip, watch a Govinda movie and laugh at it. It is only at home where you do not need to pretend that you listen only to Nat King Cole and watch only the movies featuring Christian Bale. Trust me, no one will laugh at you. Your family will think watching Govinda movies is the new trend among B-Schools.The most amazing feeling when at home is to know that all your family members love you. You do not need to be someone else in front of them. Last two days to take a chill pill and relax back at home.
After two more days, I will be in the city where you perspire the most and get yourself crushed in the very famous local trains. Aamchi Mumbai. I will go, I will see and I will conquer. . 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Life, A Rattle

This morning when I sit sipping my coffee, a thought runs through my mind. Why is my life like a rattle ? So many things to do, so many things to undo. So just thought to pen it down somewhere. What can be better than blogging ? So here is my first blog flying through . . .