Monday, 1 June 2015

What does a Salman Khan fan feel?

Well, I like Salman Khan movies. They are fun to watch. Sure it's stupid when the bike jumps through a glass window and adjusts the elevation, to enter a helicopter, so that Bhai can steal a briefcase. But, normally, I find Salman Khan movies a great source of entertainment.

During graduation, we had two gangs. Salman Khan fans vs Shahrukh Khan fans. We used to abuse each-other like sworn enemies. It goes without saying that all of us are still friends after 4 long years. But, it used to get pretty intense!

During post-graduation, I used to take all of my friends for a Salman Khan movie. Well, price per ticket used to be around Rs 50. Hence, taking 12 friends would cost me 600 bucks. Once the movie was over, those who found the movie entertaining used to give me Rs 50. The rest didn't. That was my condition actually so that they come to watch the movie. I don't remember getting a single penny back!

All in all, Salman Khan fans form a cult. This cult has the capacity to help a Salman Khan movie make crores. You can call me a part of this cult and yes, I have contributed a lot in making Salman Khan movies successful (by paying Rs 600 instead of 50 for 12 tickets each)!

What I have to say is that it's unfair when people link off screen Salman Khan with On screen. What he does in his personal life, you should not concerned. Did people stop watching Olympics and commonwealth games after Suresh Kalmadi case? No!

Yes, the guilty should be punished. But, some of my friends won't see a Salman khan movie because he killed people. Well, to each his own. But, I'm not going to stop watching Salman Khan movies just because he is a criminal in real life. I mean, how are we concerned with it? You might say that by watching his movies, you are helping him earn money. Well, by selling various rights, Salman khan is already richer by 120-150 crores even before the movie is released! So, take a chill pill and get entertained! If you like Salman Khan movies that is :)

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